Floor Vanden Berghe


Facebook Profiling Pollution

Chrome extension

Scrolls, likes and reads randomly in your facebook wall, to confuse facebook profiling algorithms. Gives users the option to behave randomly within the facebook ecosystem.

May 2019

Three paper rolls and some nametags

Raspberry Pi / Object recognition

A machine that draws random shapes on a roll of paper. Drawings get classified by an object recognition algorithm using mobilenet.

April 2019

Bird radio


My bird can pull levers to play samples. Sometimes I stream him live as a radio show.

February 2019


Web request tool

Visit websites you don't like. A lot. As long as freedom of speech is not a universal right, censorship should be, I guess.

January 2019


Word2vec visualisation

You shall know a word by the company it keeps (Firth, J. R. 1957). An interface for navigating through big texts. Very buggy at the moment.

November 2018

MIDI visualizer

Processing / Midi-files

A vizualizer written in processing that uses midi-files as source. Uses Claude Debussy's "Pour remercier la pluie au matin" as source.

July 2018


Interactive website

Antipedia is a web-based, free-content encyclopedia that is based on rejected or irrelevant wikipedia content. Antipedia scans wikipedia revision history on content that was added but deleted in a next revision. This page hopes to give an alternative to the usual approach of defining words through saying what it should mean.

May 2018

Lens flare timelapse

Installation experiment

A timelapse created by using the sun's movement, some mirrors and some lenses. The installation captures the moving sun throughout a day and results in an abstract video.

April 2018

Radio Roeien met Riemen

Web radio design

I had the chance to be part of this radio project. Radio roeien met riemen is a non-hierarchical, decentralized and inclusive radio station where everything can be broadcast. A 24/7 sound extension from the heads of its makers, into the heads of its listeners.

April 2018

Generic Video Montage

Processing - Video montage

Mixes multiple video's into one montage. The montage is generated based on key events in the source files. The program makes a montage using different video and audio files and regenerates a new timeline.

March 2018

Zhuzi Baijia Instituut

Interactive Social Media experiment

Zhuzi baijia is an experiment. The site collects political messages from belgian politicians. Using markov chains users can generate new sentences from the collected text. Users can vote on other users generated messages, the ones with the most votes get tweeted out.

January 2018

Graphic work

old website